Joel Acevedo

Joel Acevedo combines his day job as an engineer at MIT with magic performances for individuals and corporations. For more than 25 years, he has entertained and amazed audiences in Puerto Rico, the U.S.A., and Spain; country to which he travels regularly to teach magic courses as a professor of the prestigious ‘Ana Tamariz School of Magic’ in Madrid. 

Steve Kradolfer

Steve Kradolfer is a sleight-of-hand expert. Utilizing a razor sharp wit and two of the most lethal hands in the business, Steve has entertained thousands of humans (and a few highly intelligent monkeys) for over twenty years. One of the founding producers of Boston’s The Mystery Lounge, Steve keeps his schedule filled with performances for Fortune 500 companies, universities, and comedy clubs across the globe. His list of clients include the Boston Red Sox, IBM, and the legendary David Copperfield.

84 Beacon St. Boston, MA  |

| Phone: 781-850-6924